Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not just set arbitrary Flash player screensaver

Internet users in the FLASH produced humorous, some FLASH background music is never tired people. Is there any way to extract these soothing?

Tool used here is the Firefox FLASH player, this powerful software. FLASH not only can extract the music and even pictures, also supports the direct set FLASH screensavers. The following lists some features, serve.

Software small files

Software name: Firefox FLASH Player

Software Version: 3.75

Software size: 5136KB

Software license: Shared

Application platforms: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Download Address: Click here to download (which are binding, be careful to install)

Easily extract the soothing FLASH

Open Firefox player, plays you want to extract the FLASH file. Select "File" - "FLASH extracted voice" (Figure 1). Choice will then pop up a prompt box, choose the path and press OK.

Figure 1 FLASH change screensavers

FLASH to set your favorite screen saver is a very good note, just a few simple steps can be completed. Select "Tools" - "Create a list of screen savers FLASH" (Figure 2).

Figure 2 EXE and swf free shuttle

Sometimes when you gave excellent FLASH and friends to share time, the other did not FLASH player. Then you can format into exe, so no other player can enjoy your wonderful FLASH. Play area in the "right" - "save FLASH", here select the "swf convert exe" (Figure 3). Of course you can reverse conversion.

Figure 3 English weapon

A lot of learning English software uses FLASH dialogue, a dialogue is sometimes a part of a repeated listen you want, Firefox player can achieve this function. Play area in the "right" - "repeat function" were set to begin and end Zhen Zhen (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Additional Tools

Software provides some useful and interesting tools. In the "Tools" - "plug-in", there is time for wallpaper, screen clock, a magnifying glass and so on. Even provide encryption and decryption registry and common registry operation.

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