Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MicroStrategy to support Apple? IPhone?

iPhone users can also use the MicroStrategy business intelligence reports and operational dashboards

MicroStrategy global leader in business intelligence, today announced the latest version of MicroStrategy 8?, Using the most advanced Web 2.0 technologies, has been Apple? IPhone? And MicroStrategy between the rich set up a complete application interface. So far, iPhone users can directly report in hand, report and analysis of the interactive operation.

Second-generation iPhone is not only leading the public to accept a better price, but also adds 3G functionality and support for Microsoft Exchange Server - this makes the iPhone in the U.S. blew up the enterprise to use fashion. MicroStrategy based on the needs of business users, and Apple? IPhone? Together to develop the latest version of MicroStrategy 8?. This version supports five kinds of business intelligence services, including scorecards and dashboards, enterprise reporting, OLAP analysis, advanced and forward-looking warning and forecast of the notice, the above functions can be used through the iPhone action; and MicroStrategy 8? Strong security model and advanced features of human nature, but also to ensure that the user security level in their respective statements on the view through the iPhone, will not lead to disclosure of information missing was informed.

The combination of MicroStrategy and iPhone, is a win-win revolution! From MicroStrategy's business customers can use the iPhone's touch-screen interface to analyze reports and dashboard, not only can do a clear classification, hub analysis, filtering, and the hood to view statements, but also the way the following pull the scroll bar to view report content, while browsing a particular area to zoom processing. In addition, seen through the iPhone MicroStrategy reports and dashboards do not need to re-format, iPhone users to see information on their computer screen with exactly the same.

MicroStrategy distributor in Greater China, said Zhou Qiang, Jin Jie, president of Crown, including Chinese companies, including many companies rely on MicroStrategy to provide the most are real-time business information; the iPhone is also a popular trend in China. In this context, MicroStrategy offers interactive reporting in the iPhone, and analysis services, further enhancing the core competitiveness of MicroStrategy, more business travelers who can provide great convenience, anytime, anywhere to improve efficiency.

* Read more on the iPhone operate MicroStrategy's information can be found at: http://www.microstrategy.com/iPhoneDemo

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Jin Jie Guan software is Solvento a member of the Information Technology Group. MicroStrategy is a global Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence) leader, and gold Czech crown MicroStrategy software is the only agent in the Greater China in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines have established service base. Therefore, the gold Czech crown Software shoulder great responsibility, that is to ensure the use of MicroStrategy's customers in China can really powerful functionality from a product to gain more profits and feedback. Czech crown with gold brokered by the software business intelligence platform, MicroStrategy was the financial, manufacturing and retail Circulation Jianli increasingly strong relationship, particularly in the financial sector, including the first, Taishin, Shin Kong and other large financial control companies, and the famous meta-largest securities are all gold Czech crown pointer client software. Jin Jie Guan software user in mind to become the best business intelligence solutions supplier, to create the world's leading business intelligence software efforts. Our goal is to help enterprises better ways to use the growing data to help enterprise customers the information into a profit in order to enhance competitive advantage, lower risk and reduce operating expenses.

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